IBSSA Executive Protection Training Course in Budapest, Hungary

Chief Organiser of the training: Mr. Zsolt Pipicz – Master Teacher

Venue of the training: Adyliget Law Enforcement College (ARSZKI)

Accommodation: Hostel of the Law Enforcement Executive Training Institute (BM – KSZF) (2620 Nagykovácsi, Nagykovácsi str. 3.) Duration of the training: 10 days

Planned date between: 17th – 27th July 2016
(Arrival on the 17th July in the afternoon, Departure on the 28th July in the morning)

New Honorary Members of the IBSSA

For several years IBSSA has been functioning very actively in some countries of the Balkan region, moreover, the “Balkan Conference” takes place every year since 2008 with the active participation of our members – living and working in the region.

In Serbia and in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with the cooperation of the local active members, trainings are organised continuously for security professionals, and on numerous occasions IBSSA European and Regional conferences and competitions were held.

Announcement about the passing away of Mr. Stefan ÁCS, Master Teacher of Shooting

With sincere grief the IBSSA Headquarters announces to all its members, associated organisations, and partners, the decease – in the sequence of a long illness – of our dear friend, Mr. Stefan Ács (Slovakia) – Master Teacher of IBSSA, and active member of our association since 2000. He died at the age of 63 on the 5th June 2016.

His international reputation as a master of shooting was built through the championships and trainings organised for the police, army, security services, and bodyguards. Since 1991 he was active competitor, and became five-time champion of Slovakia in sports and situational shooting in the senior category between 2004-2010, and multiple medallist of the Slovak Championship in tactical and combat shooting, held since 2004.

20th Jubilee Ball of Knights and Bodyguards - Diplomatic Magazine

"According to the tradition IBSSA and KMFAP organised their ball following the Investiture of Knights at the nanquet hall of Hotel Marriott. Tha succesessful event was attended by the representatives of 30 countries. Among  them were ammbassadors, the leaders of the other orders:...."

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Agreement on Cooperation between Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP) and IBSSA

On the 23rd March 2016, in order to increase the efficiency and impact of their further actions, Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP) and IBSSA agreed on cooperating in the future in all those good-service activities that are considered as basic goals by both parties. Main areas of close cooperation:

- International relationships

- Implementation of joint programmes - Education and training

- Struggle against illicit drugs, crime and terrorism