Report on the International Martial Art seminar in Riga, Latvia in April 2014

Representative office of IBSSA in Latvia, the official IBSSA training centre: Bodyguard school SECURITYTRAINING.LV has organised an international training seminar about “Extreme Combat and self-defence” in Riga, Latvia. Head Instructor of the training seminar was Mr. Yuri Kormushin from Russia, who is our good friend and organising a seminar with him is already a tradition.

During the training very effective and fast self-defence techniques were taught to the attendees.

The training seminar was adapted not only for professionals, but also for all participants, who are interested in self-defence.

Traditionally high attention was paid to women's self-defence and training of special skills.

A special part of the seminar was organised for bodyguards. Special training of self-defence and VIP-protection in narrow space and from uncomfortable position was realised.


Representatives of different styles of martial arts: aikido, Jiu Jitsu, wing tsun, MMA, Korosu and boxing from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia participated the seminar. All attendees showed high interest for the trainings and had a positive spirit.




Thanks to Mr. Yuri Kormushin and all participants for the very interesting training and exchange of experience!


You can watch the Latvian bodyguard training movie by clicking the following link:

Mr. Andrey Shishov
Country Representative
of IBSSA for Latvia
Chief Organiser