“I am lucky, because my work is my vocation and hobby” - Interview with Prof. George Popper, President

The establishment of IBSSA has brought epoch-marking innovations and solutions in issues related to security. There had been no similar organisation before. How have the international relations been going on since the foundation?

The organisation was established with the contribution of eight countries in 1994. Today we are present in 120 countries and in every important region of the world. Our trainings are available in 40 countries. The members of the Association are up to date in the most modern devices of crime prevention, and their work is helped by regional offices and the representatives of the member states. We work with thousands of highly qualified experts worldwide.

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21st March 2018
Metropolitan Hotel – Tel Aviv, Israel

09.00 Official opening of the XXI. Congress of IBSSA (Annual Meeting)

1. Roll call - Prof. Rony KLUGER – General Secretary

2. Election of - Chairman of the congress (Prof. George POPPER)
- Keeper of the minutes (Ms. Erika MACSÁRI)
- Attesters of the minutes (Dr. Miklós VARGA, Dr. András NIKLÓS)
3. Official Opening: Welcome and address by the President (Prof. George POPPER)

XXI. Annual Congress of the IBSSA and 6th “Partnership for Security” International Joint Conference

Dear IBSSA Members,

hereby we inform you that the XXI. Annual Congress and General Assembly of IBSSA will be held on the 21st March 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel. We highly recommend the participation and expect our representatives, officials and members from many countries in the event, since next year there will be elections of the new leadership and new appointments.

For many years, our organization has given great importance to partnership and cooperation between authorities, law enforcement agencies and the private sector in the fields of security and crime prevention throughout the world. Therefore, as part of the official IBSSA event, we are also organizing the 6th “Partnership for Security” International Joint Conference of IBSSA – IPA (International Police Association) – IAPA (International Auxiliary Police Association).

Season's Greetings from the President of IBSSA

On behalf of the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA), we wish You all and Your beloved ones a Happy New Year!

Prof. George Popper
President of the IBSSA