IBSSA President was elected in EWB International organisation on the 26 February 2015

The EWB (East West Bridge) is an independent, international scientific and research organisation, which was established in 2009 in Serbia by a prestigious group of professionals with the aim to explore the major social problems of the era and to make proposals for solutions. In addition, with its education and awareness-raising activities EWB promotes the social transformation and development throughout the world.

EWB comprises seven Task Forces focusing on: Foreign and Domestic Policies; Human Rights; Economy; Media; Anti-Crime, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Terrorism; Ecology; Health Care and Education. Each of them liaises with similar think-tanks and institutes across the world and issues reports on the state of affairs in their respective fields.

A number of internationally renowned personalities have also joined the organisation, who contribute with valuable work to develop the relations between East and West to a strong bridge.

On the 26th February 2015 in accordance with the decision of this prestigious organisation's governing body Prof. George Popper – President of IBSSA, leader and respected member of numerous international federations – was elected to member of the EWB.

(Website: www.ewb.rs)

17th March 2015