Announcement about the passing away of Soke Ljubomir Vracarevic - 18 November 2013

Announcement about the passing away of Soke Ljubomir Vracarevic, Executive President of the IBSSA ISF for Europe

(Varazdin, 6th May 1947 – Belgrade, 18th November 2013)


It is with the deepest sorrow that the IBSSA Headquarters announces the decease of our dear Soke Ljubomir Vracarevic (Serbia), 10th Dan black belt, master and creator of Real Aikido, Executive President of IBSSA-ISF for Europe, and Master Teacher of IBSSA. He died at the age of 67 on the 18th November 2013.

The last official IBSSA participation of Soke Ljubomir was at the XII. “SEC-tember” International Special Security Advanced Training – the most successful professional training of IBSSA – which took place this year between 23 – 29 September 2013 in Budapest, Hungary. During this training Soke Lubomir was invited to teach Real Aikido to the international students of the seminar.

After the training, on the 28th September 2013, he also attended the XVIII. Congress of the IBSSA and the 3rd International Joint Conference of IBSSA – IPA (International Police Association) – IAPA (International Auxiliary Police Association) on “Partnership for Security”, which took place in the Conference room of Hotel President, Budapest.

During the AWARD CEREMONY of the 18th Congress of IBSSA, the 3rd International Joint Conference of IBSSA – IPA – IAPA and of the XII. “SEC-tember” International Special Security Advanced EP Training the President of IBSSA, Prof. George Popper handed over the following IBSSA Award to Soke Ljubomir Vracarevic for his continuous and dedicated work: Hall of Fame of Sport (IBSSA-ISF)


Soke Ljubomir Vracarevic became a master of Aikido in 1971. Respecting the achievements of Japanese artists, Ljubomir built his own style, which is appropriate to the mentality, the constitution and the tradition of people with whom climate encourages. Working with the police and army special forces encouraged him also to develop his own style in the direction of practical application.

Real Aikido is a martial art of self-defence of Serbia, and is based on aikido, jujitsu and the European way of thinking. Since 2003 Real Aikido was officially registered in the International Classification of USMA martial skills. This style represents the defensive, extremely flexible system of defence technique, which is characterized by speed and timeliness of response, fitting into an opponent's attack, the continuity of performance techniques and complete a final control of the attacker, using specific lever.

His international reputation as a master was built through the trainings organised for the police, army, security services, and Bodyguards. During his career Soke Ljubomir held more than 250 seminars around the world. Through national and international clubs Real Aikido has more than 130,000 students. During the trainings great attention was also paid to work with children 5-12 years old. Ljubomir was the author of 12 books on Real Aikido and self-defence.

Master Vracarevic, a professor at the College of Sport in Belgrade, was a regular member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the International Academy for national security. He was also holder of numerous international awards and ranks: Technical Director of the Russian Association of Real Aikido, member of the Euro-Asian Kjokušinkai Committee, Honorary President of the Federation Vušu area Šenuang - China, Honorary member of the MMA, as well as member of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

For IBSSA the decease of Soke Ljubomir is a great and serious loss, deeply felt by all, but he will be remembered by us as an example.

The President of IBSSA presents in his name and in the name of his family, as well as on behalf of all the members, associated organisations and partners of IBSSA, to the dear family of Soke Ljubomir Vracarevic the most sincerely felt condolences.

Requiescat in Pace


29th November 2013