Dear IBSSA members, dear friends,

hereby we wish to inform you about the following urgent and important issue:

Prof. George Popper - President of IBSSA planned to attend the 1st Annual Congress of IBI (Intelligence Bureau Investigation) in July, but we have just noticed that the program of the 17th Annual European IBSSA Congress - which was held between 11-13 May 2012 in Zlaté Moravce, Slovakia - as well the speech and report of Prof. Popper were stolen and copied by IBI - using our materials as their own ones.

Both IBSSA materials can be found here:



and here is the IBI website, so you can check this FAKE activity:


Due to this action we have serious doubts about the credibility of IBI, so we highly warn all our members to be cautious!!!

Best regards,

IBSSA Headquarters

Report about the summer training camp in Tata city, Hungary

Between 2-6 August 2017 the Hungarian Krav-Maga Team organised its usual summer training camp for the 19th time in the city of Tata, Hungary, and this special event was held for the 3rd year together with IBSSA – with the active participation of our Instructors. This year 27 people participated in the 5-day camp from Budapest, Tatabánya and all over the country.

Tackling Human Trafficking through awareness and education

The IBSSA International Anti-Human Trafficking Project – launched in February 2017 – is a private sector international network of business professionals that provide education to government and non-government organizations in human trafficking and serve as a focal point within their geographic area for the collection of open source information pertaining to human trafficking.

Report about different trainings organised in Pristina, Kosovo

During the month of May 2017, our Regional Representative for Kosovo and Albania, Mr. Ismet MEHMETI – Police Instructor and Krav Maga Maor Instructor held trainings in Pristina, Kosovo for security guards and bodyguards of the following companies: