WKC World Karate Confederation Bulletin 4/2011




To all
WKC member federations

15th November 2011

Bulletin 4 / 2011

Dear Mr. President,

The WKC has made a massive step forward at International Level

The General Assembly of The Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA) unanimously approved the WKC as a full member. Provisory membership was already granted by the TAFISA Executive Board in April 2010. The General Assembly was part of the 22nd TAFISA Congress from 10 to 14 November 2011 in Antalya, Turkey.

Through the TAFISA the WKC is now part of a big family of National Olympic Committees, National Sport Federations and several Scientific Associations. In addition to this the WKC will directly benefit from the recognition of the TAFISA by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the UNESCO and the World Health Organization (WHO). What is very significant: the IOC signed an agreement of cooperation with the TAFISA. The IOC from now will sponsor TAFISA as many other International Federations are. The IOC has selected TAFISA delegates as members of the IOC Commission “Sport for All”.

Under the roof of the 5th TAFISA Games, which is now under the patronage of the IOC the WKC intend to hold three tournaments:

Open WKC World Championships,
8th Junior & Cadet World Championships
World Cup for Children
5th to 8th July 2012 Šiauliai, Lithuania

This will be the first time that we have ever been able to compete through TAFISA under the patronage of the IOC.

More than 6.000 sportsmen and sportswomen from all continents are expected to take part in many different sports. One major point we have to fulfil the special requirements concerning the registration dates:

All participants requiring a Schengen visa have to submit the necessary data to the organiser by the 1st March 2012

All participating competitors and officials have to register for accreditation no later than the 15th May 2012 with the Šiauliai organiser.

All participants can only stay in the accommodations which are offered by the organiser as there are no other possibilities because all rooms are already rented by the organiser.

There are four levels of accommodation:

- 10 Euro per person per day including Games accreditation and accommodation in halls with one’s own sleeping bag. No food or free transportation will be offered. This might be a choice for participants with own transport (car or bus).

- 30 Euro per person per day including accreditation, full board (three meals a day), accommodation in guest houses, hostels, private homes, free transport in the city of Šiauliai.

- 45 Euro per person per day as above but lodging in ** hotels

- 75 Euro per person per day as above but lodging in *** hotels

The federations which book a package tour through their travel agency should note that there are no other rooms available in Šiauliai or neighbouring towns or villages than those offered by the organiser. They must advise their travel agency to book the accommodation through the Šiauliai organiser.

The participation fees for the WKC have to be paid as usual to the WKC at the tournament registration.

More details will be given to you in our next publications (bulletins, newsletters, on the webpage).

Our Russian federation Karate Federation of Russia KFR is co-organiser of a very big open tournament 27th to 29th April 2012 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The WKC rules will apply in the WKC section of the tournament. Please see www.imac-olymp.com and contact Dr. Viatcheslav Timofeev, e-mail fkchr@pochta.ru if you are interested to take part.

Sincerely yours

WKC Executive Committee

Report about the IBSSA Balkan and European Special Conference on Education, Human Trafficking and Terrorism

The European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) in Belgrade, Serbia is the sole University, which was established by a UN resolution, and has extraterritorial diplomatic status – recognised worldwide. Dr. Bogdan Vukosavljevic, member of the IBSSA Executive Committee, Docent of the Field Security and Terrorism at the University, hosted the meeting in this prestigious Institute. Participants of the Conference: Prof. dr. Ljubiša Adamović Prof. dr. George Popper IBSSA (Hungary) H.E. Prof. dr. Djordje Lopčić ECPD Mr. Miklos Andrási IBSSA (Hungary) Mr Boris Vukosavljević SEBA (Slovenia) Mr. Attila Farkas SEBA (Hungary) Mr. Orlando Mardner IBSSA, SEBA (UK / Jamaica) Mr. Igor Bralo IBSSA, SEBA (Holland) Mr. Zijad Poljo IBSSA (Germany) Mr. Dalibor Višić IBSSA (Germany) Mr. Zoran Stanišljević SEBA (Bosnia-Herzegovina) Mr. Ilias Kontis IBSSA, SEBA (Greece) Dr. Bogdan Vukosavljević IBSSA, SEBA (Serbia) Mr. Rade Marković IBSSA (Serbia) Mr. Zeljko Gajic IBSSA (Serbia) Mr. Strahinja Lazarevic (Serbia) Mr. Vojislav Milošević (Serbia) Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jorga (Serbia) – President of the European Traditional Karate Federation

Report about the EPS Certification by IBSSA Mexico

Executive Protection is perceived very exciting, not for the faint hearted, full of thrills and all the action one would expect from a Tom Cruise movie, but nothing could be further from the truth, since it is demanded of EPs to be at the job 120% (they’re there before the principal, and leave after he has left), long hours and very little shut-eye, did we mention a very high risk environment? EPs are all that stand between threats and their principal most of the time.

The lack of a standard in the industry has led to a very poor image of EPs, and the proliferation of Mikey Mouse (Rambo) companies that promise to have Super Men at the service of their protected, which turn out to be nothing more than a great show.

Report about the Community Outreach Program of IBSSA Anti-Human Trafficking Project

Members of the IBSSA Anti-Human Trafficking Project (AHTP), under the direction of Mr. Fernando Figueroa – Bureau Chief in the Dominican Republic, conduct a community outreach program in the village of Batey La Canada, a suburb of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.